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Cuernavaca Linear Park 

The Cuernavaca site is a 4,6 km site following an industrial railway. The Railway cuts through the city grid, thus segregating itself from the urban areas that following it.

Looking at Cuernavaca linear park, it is imperative to recognize the railway as a part of the identity, history and the urban practices of the area and to design the park to fully allow use of the full space, not in conflict with, but in a time-synergy with the train’s circulation, considering therefore the flexibility of its uses.

The Landscape is designed using a patchwork pattern. This Urban Patchwork explains the varying uses and materials adding to the locality of the urban chapters Cuernavaca linear park uses the city grid to create physical and visual connections and thus activating the area fully as a park. Connecting to the grid also changes the overall direction away from a straight journey through the park to a sideways experience that strengthens the local experience.  

To connect the park across the heavily trafficked intersections, the hierarchy of traffic should change from a car dominated area to a pedestrian/ bicyclist dominated area. By using patterned concrete paving, directional patterns and lighting the intersections make Vehicles feel that they are crossing a park instead of making people feel that they are crossing the road.

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