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We are a group of professionals that work mainly in the urban development market in Vietnam and South East Asia.

We offer design services in the conceptual phases of urban planning, territorial planning, landscape design and urban planning, architecture and interior design.


​We work mainly in the conceptual phase of conceiving the "master plan", at the different scales of the project from 1: 5000 for large-scale works, up to 1: 2000 and at the smallest scales of 1: 500 for urban design works and the landscape.


​The prevailing sectors are those of real estate development and private residential, tourist complexes, new ecological cities, smart communities, new urban systems integrated with nature.

Design Activities

  • Site location, boundary and context

  • Climate – wind, sun, temperature, humidity

  • Topography - terrain, features, landforms

  • Landscape and vegetation

  • Existing buildings and condition

  • Current circulation and land access

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Statutory planning controls - height controls, setbacks, access points

  • Site access, circulation, and car parking (vehicle and pedestrian)

  • Identify site opportunities e.g. views and vistas

  • Undertake necessary design research and identify reference images

  • Landscape master plan

  • Land-use plan 

  • Technical Land-use table

  • Circulation plan and parking

  • Schematic road sections

  • Vegetation and landscape diagrams

  • Water features and rivers landscapes schematic sections

  • 3D Renderings

  • 3D Animations

  • Client/Government presentations

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