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Saigon in urban perspectives

Saigon can take advantage of Milan’s experience to plan its future developments based on its water network, as the new structure of its master plan. Green areas could be linked with waterways to create the sustainable structure of the new city.

The old city of Saigon and Cholon (in red, 1925), on the existing urban situation in 2019

Milan, after 100 years of industrialization and modernization has realized to have lost its historical relationship with water; rivers and canals have been buried and they are now hidden underground.

As a key element of the natural landscape of the city and a strategic asset of sustainable transportation, in our perspective rivers and canals are the key to design a green city of tomorrow.

In this slideshow I present synthetically images of #Milan, in its past of "city of water", in a historical and symbolic comparison with #Saigon. In this urban vision, waterways, rivers and artificial canals are interpreted as a historical and naturalistic value of the city, as well as an effective potential alternative and #sustainable means of transport.

The consequences of this approach are remarkable and diversified and refer to multiple urban and environmental strategies of care and enhancement of existing canals, as well as the rediscovery of sections of now-buried channels, which perhaps one day could be rediscovered as Milan is planning course of the last few years.

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