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Francesco Procacci, my Curriculum Vitae

I have been living and designing the city since 2006 in Vietnam and South East Asia, despite not having forgotten my Italian roots, both as a citizen and as a designer.


I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Society of Milan in Urban Planning in 2001 with a thesis entitled "Innovation in urban policies of Milan" (Tutor Prof. Pier Carlo Palermo) who also received the "Carlo Maddalena" award . I subsequently obtained in 2006 a PhD in Urban Projects and Policies with a thesis entitled "Social Citizenship and Territory" (Tutor Prof. Luigi Mazza). In the first years of work in Italy and during the PhD course, I collaborated in several research projects with the Polytechnic of Milan. During the same years, I also collaborated with design studios, holding the position of designer in the urban planning sector.

Since 2006 I moved to Vietnam, winning a European Union scholarship for a project to study the urban transformation of Hanoi. From that date I live and work in Vietnam - now in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) -, where my last position and for 8 years was Design Director and CEO at the Italo-Chinese 3TI Progetti Asia study, part of of the Italian engineering company of 3TI Progetti.

During this period, mainly dealing with planning in the field of urban planning, urban and landscape design, but also of green architectural design, I created a new project team and a new work philosophy within the studio, which brought him progressively towards higher quality standards.

Furthermore, I led the original Chinese company, leading it to sign the partnership with the well-known Italian engineering firm 3TI Progetti Group, thus giving life to the study of 3TI Progetti Asia.I believe I have sensitivity and determination in managing and directing a team of designers, as well as guiding and representing design companies in the field of urban planning and landscape design and also knowing how to dialogue and design in the architectural sector, especially on the scale of the urban project.I wish to play a leading role in this sector, also from a cultural as well as a technical and commercial point of view, in international companies operating in the sector and possibly having ties with Italy and Europe, with which I share values ​​and design culture, as well as life.

Main steps of my career

Compared to my professional growth path, I will stress here the most significant passages, above all compared to my experience in Vietnam and in South East Asia.I then leave my Portfolio to illustrate some of my most recent projects achieved with the 3TI Progetti Asia company.

Design Director & Project Manager, Tin Nghia Corporation (Vietnam), 2008-2009

Tin Nghia is a state-owned Vietnamese company from the Dong Nai Province that operates in various strategic sectors, including real estate development. In particular, I was involved in the management of the "East Saigon" project, a new city planned on almost 1000 hectares in the eastern part of the Ho Chi Minh City territory.I managed the group of companies' designers, in particular the company responsible for drawing up the master plan, AECOM. Furthermore, I created a specific team of local designers dedicated to the architectural and landscape design phases of the new city.Despite the incredible experience, I felt that I wanted to go further, seeking a more profitable position and wanting to gain more experience in the sector from internationally renowned design companies, although based in Vietnam.

Deputy Design Director, Hyder Consulting - ACLA (Vietnam), 2009-2010

So I decided to dedicate myself more to the design at a world-class international studio such as Hyder Consulting - ACLA. ACLA, an urban planning and landscape design company from Hong Kong, hired me in June 2009 as Deputy Director of his Hanoi office.With them I designed and won several competitions in Vietnam, including the new city of Gia Lam north of Ho Chi Minh City (Bien Hoa) on an area of ​​more than 5,000 Ha.During that career I developed more and more the idea that Vietnam was fertile ground for any planning activity and above all from an urbanistic and landscape planning point of view on medium and large scale.

Design Director & CEO, 3TI Projects Asia (Vietnam), 2011-present.

In search of greater opportunities and verifying that the marketing of a company was also fundamental but that in Asia this activity was mostly resolved in terms of the creation of strategic networks between key players of the residential and above all financial market, I decided to accept the proposal of Design Director of Campbell Shilling Law and Partners (Hong Kong) with operating base in Saigon.

I gathered this study and brought it to be first in Vietnam in 2011-2014-2015, as BCI Top Ten Architects Firms in Vietnam. I was also the main author of the strategic partnership signed in 2013 with the Italian engineering company 3TI Progetti and the consequent birth of the 3TI Progetti Asia company, having acquired the majority shares of Campbell ShillingLaw and Partners.

This creation, more than linked to strategic marketing operations, showed a growth in the design quality that I think I contributed to the team of designers on an individual and collective level, such as project philosophy, methodology, way of being together in the office and having a common and successful vision and strategy.

Personal Data

Francesco Procacci, born in Monza (Italy) on January 24th 1978. I speak English and Italian fluently, with an average knowledge of the Spanish language and a poor knowledge of Vietnamese. I'm not married yet. I know all the programs of the Office package, especially Power Point and Word. I know Indesign quite well that I'm starting to use for publications. I also know Autocad, GIS and Revit, more for reviews than for project activities. To communicate my design ideas, I use the words and images, references and design sketches that I do not, however, have no great graphic skills with freehand. My email:


2003-2006: Ph.D. Urban Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italia1998-2001: Laurea Magistrale in Urbanistica, Facoltà’ di Architettura e Società’ del Politecnico di Milano, Italia

Work experience

January 2011 - to now: Design Director at 3TI Progetti Asia, Vietnam

February 2010 –December 2011: Deputy Design Director at Hyder Consulting – ACLA, Vietnam

February 2008 to January 2010: Project Manager and Design Director at Tin Nghia Corporation,

March 2007 to December 2009: Senior Urban Designer at Paolo Cucchi, Vietnam and

October 2006 to March 2007: Urban Planner Researcher, Milan-Hanoi Architectural University, ASIA LINK Program, EU Funds

2001 to 2006: several collaboration in design and research in Milan (Italia)

2004-2006: Leader Plus, “Valtellina Leader Plus”, Urban Planner Consultant

2002-2006: IREF, Lombardy Region (Italy), “Urban security and police sector”, Urban Planner Researcher

2004-2005: Milan Municipality (Italy) – Politecnico of Milan, “Neighbourhood Revitalization of S.Siro”, Urban Planner Consultant

2003-2004: Cinisello Balsamo Municipality (Italy), “Urban e Contratto di Quartiere”, Urban Planning Consultant

2002-2004: European Commission, PLUS “Participation Leadership and Urban Sustainability”, Urban Planner Researcher

2001-2004: Studio Fase (Milan), Junior Urban Planner

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