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A green Japanese town: experience the landscape 

The master plan design takes advantage of the unique and interesting topography of the site. The natural hills and gently elevations give the opportunity to create a unique landscape experience, composing the project around main naturalistic distinct areas. Furthermore, the architectural design of main residential components can create exceptional panoramic views to the surrounding forests.
The master plan therefore is composed by 3 elements connected and integrated: hill + experience + landscape.

The Experience connector: the discovery path. The unique landscape and topography of the site is an advantage to create a special landscape experience through a walkway path; The integration between landscape and architecture to create a Japanese town feeling. The project is designed to create distinct landscapes and functional areas:

•Naturalistic and relaxing area, zen landscape, waterfall, the hill; •Traditional Japanese village: the retail area near the lake, with shops, restaurant and duty free, to recreate the ancient feeling of Japanese culture; •The lake park: in the center of the project, designed with the traditional landscape of Japan gardens;

•The modern commercial center: designed following the awarded example of Roppongi Hill in Tokyo, a modern shopping experience in a mixed use complex.  

The Gateway effect: the site can be immediately seen from the highway, creating an attraction and easily reached by Singapore. This advantage can be used to create social shopping and duty free area.

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