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Minh Khai City Plaza 

The site plan (3,1 HA) is located in Hanoi on a strategic location, easy to be reached by the new planned road connected to a new bridge on the Red River. The complex building (commercial, hotel, offices, services apartments) is a landmark located on the main street as a gate and main front of the development. The master plan accommodate a total GFA of 202,000 m2 with a plot ration of 6.5.

We have designed the apartment blocks and complex building together with the landscape to offer a fresh environment and open views to its new residents. The main goal is to incorporate natural element such as trees and large plants within the structure of the new building to give opportunity to be close with the nature. We have also integrated social and community functions within the city block for the life of the community.

The new buildings have special design features such as private gardens and loggias, create an high standard of living. The new complex is designed with basements car parks. The park is designed together with the swimming pool offering a peaceful and green environment to its residents. The swimming pool will be an attraction of the new complex, for sport and relaxation.

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