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Fiji Eco Village


Without a doubt, Fiji is home to some of the most idyllic and beautiful beaches in the world. With so much geographic diversity among Fiji’s 333 islands, these islands contain lush, soft, white sands, crystal clear water and snorkel-perfect reefs. The site is located in Vunaniu Bay, in the southern part of Fiji island and 80 Km distance from the international airport. It is a green and tropical peninsula surrounded by low depth ocean very suitable for a resort and tourism development.

The concept idea is to connect the development areas to the beach using a green corridor in the center of the site and a naturalistic green area on the south side. By placing the low-rises on the Northern side next to the hill we minimize the impact on the skyline and the perceived density of the site.

The main strategy of the master plan is to achieve the maximum level of sustainability preserving and reinforcing the existing forests and natural areas, creating a park along the existing stream for water sports and nature exploration. The architecture is designed using local and sustainable materials minimizing the impact of the construction on the sensitive site. Among the main sustainable strategies:


•Preservation of the existing forest


•Self Sufficient Energy

•Green On Site Transportation 

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