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The challenge in this master plan is to combine culture, history and entertainment with nature, agriculture, sport and relaxation in a new theme park with a residential village.

The site is located 20 Km south west of Hanoi, along the main highway, on a total area of 61 HA. The main center of the new development is a recreation of an historical Vietnamese town for a theme park, entertainment and cultural experience. The village, having a main lake at its center, locates several attractions such as games and shops, events and water shows, indoor and outdoor theatre.

The landscape programs focuses on blue infrastructure, such as the revitalization of the existing agricultural canals and the creation of the main new water features. It also takes advantage of the creation of gentle hills from the soil excavation of the artificial lake. The vegetation program includes the creation of botanical garden zones, such as wet zones, bamboo forests, palm trees, open grass, agricultural zones and tropical thick forests.

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