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Hoa Binh Cultural Center 

The main design idea is to recreate, through the connection and integration of the architectural design of the building and landscape design of the park, the beauty and variety of the natural landscapes of Vietnam.


In fact, the culture of Vietnam can be also learned and experienced through the beauty of its landscapes, such as the rice terraced cultivation in the mountains, the lakes and the rivers, the lush of the vegetation such as lotus flowers, bamboo trees, and an incredible variety of tropical flowers, trees and vegetation.


Our design connects the architecture of the cultural building with the landscape design of the park. In fact the building is designed to have naturalistic slopes, ramps and stairs, connecting the park and squares to the main indoor and outdoor functions of the building. The park has a variety of landscape areas representing the landscape of Vietnam, such as lotus flower ornamental lake, palm and bamboo forest, gently natural hills. The cultural center is designed as a tropical green architecture, a green landmark building for District 10 and Ho Chi Minh City. 

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