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River Hills of Yangon

The master plan main objective is to design residential, commercial and office buildings with open views to the rivers and the city and at the same time create landscape opportunities and social space for the people of Yangon.

With our design we increase the surface of green areas, garden roof, squares and footpaths, making the development more permeable and integrated with the existing city.

The new development (total GFA 824,000 m2) has a mix of function for a vibrant and dynamic environment.  The residential areas are located in the western areas, all with riversides views, private terraces, swimming pool and facilities.

The buffer between the residential and the new future bridge is the port area with the port marina that will serve the local needs of Yangon. 

The center of the development is the shopping mall with promenades and public square that connect the city of Yangon to the new marina for passengers. In the western area is located a mixed use development (5 stars hotel and offices) and the marina apartment block.

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