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The green heart of Obuasi

The vision, in accordance with Obuasi long term strategic plans and vision, is to create a sustainable integrated gold mine theme park through the transformation of one of the most important historical gold mine of Obuasi and Ashanti region.

The process of transformation of the gold mine site aims to create an integrated  green park where different functions are in synergy to create an unique attraction in Ghana and to start the re-conversion process of Obuasi into a service and tourism gold industry.

The key components of the master plan are:

•The historical gold mine park: the aim is to preserve and transform the existing structures and machines to create an open museum of the gold mine.

•The amusement gold mine park: the aim is to create 
a central park with water features, lakes and canal, to accommodate several functions and attractions such as water parks and games, pic nick and recreational area, botanical garden,  ethnographic museum.
•Hospitality and living: family and business hotel, conference and business centers and functions supporting tourists and business will be located and integrated in the site to create a full experience of the park.

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